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How will you check perfect logo design pricing at the time of giving project

There is always a confusion of what is the perfect pricing to pay for your company Logo Design or graphic design work, isn’t it! Well, let’s understand how graphic design studio/agency/freelancer decides the pricing structure for Logo design services and how you can identify what is that amount you should pay for your graphic design project.

How they decide the pricing structure for the services


Most less complexity structure compare with the studio or agency. Freelancers have their own ways to decide the pricing according to the size of project, timeline & project brief. Normally they calculate hours behind the work and give the pricing and some of have fix rate card that they follow.


  • Very Less service charges than studio or agency
  • Direct coordination with decision maker
  • They can provide quick solution if they work extra hours


  • Limited thought process
  • Sometime they’re not responsible towards work
  • Improper brief understanding & payment receiving process
  • May not give multiple solution from single point

Small Design Studio

Sometime small graphic design studio gives us value for money solution than other types of structure. Small design studio normally decides their pricing structure based on competition pricing and work complexity.


  • Value for money pricing structure
  • Direct coordination with decision maker
  • Can provide on time solution
  • Multiple thought process
  • Right process to understand your project brief
  • Can give multiple solution from single point


  • One designer has multiple domain task

Big Agencies

Complex structure of work to come up with better output and smooth internal functions. Normally big agency decides their pricing structure based on values that they deliver with the project. Cost may very high than other studio or freelancer to maintain their agency expenses and staff salary.


  • Various thought & more creative work
  • Can provide on time solution
  • Right process to understand your project brief
  • Can give multiple solution from single point
  • You may find that designer has only specific industry task


  • Higher rates
  • May not direct coordination with director / CEO (Complex hierarchy)

These are the simple 5 steps that you should follow before you finalize the project graphic designer

  1. Identify creative company according to your project
  2. Understand their process
  3. Check out portfolio
  4. Understand what value/services they can deliver in given charges & requirement
  5. Go through the proposal very carefully before you sign up

Every company owner wants their money to be used wisely, so do not hurry to give your company designing and spare enough timing before choosing right Graphic design company that offer best logo design services as it can affect your brand.

If you’re sincere about your company branding, let’s discuss further how you should go ahead and take decision on company branding & designing. One of our presentation on How Graphic design services can help to create your brand?

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