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Branding takes a company beyond the product’s silhouette For a story to become admirable it has to have a strong plot. Similarly, for any branding to create an impact, it is bound to have an apt approach. We create a fresh approach each time we have a project, so as to be versatile and relatable to the extent possible.

recognize your brand

Each brand is unique and so that our approach to building a FMCG Brand is different from building a Technology Brand.
We classify Brands in 8 broad types.


Brands must be built inside-out, and not outside-in. Therefore, what your competition is doing isn’t nearly as important as identifying what you are best at:

brand loyalty

Sweet spot where any brand want to be


knowing where to land

The basic aspect of our branding approach is to know the market that is to be addressed. Unlike others, we do not slit the audience behavior into categories; we rather understand it as a whole as at times, missing leads cause branding failure. So we analyze the market at large and focus on our target points.

knowing where we stand

The target finding is then followed by learning brand ethos. Each brand is unique and the differentiating factor is the pattern of brand ethos. These ethoses lead us to the core of the brand that in turn helps in drafting an apt strategy.

  • Brand ethos
  • Exploring the brand’s nature
  • Getting the USP’s of the brand
  • Evolving one of a kind strategy for the brand

knowing where to grow

A brand needs to have its own identity and it’s the branding approach that lets it have that. We strive to create a brand approach that emphasizes the brand not only as a materialistic possession but as a problem-solving asset.

Products are to be used but brands are to be cherished!

process: transparent and terrific

Our love for accuracy and eye for details make the difference



Before jumping to the conclusions, we use our W3 theory to analyze the nucleus of the brand. W1 is what. What is the brand all about? W2 is who. Whom does the brand target? W3 is why. Why is the brand brought to life?



With all the answers in our hand, we move to the composition of the branding strategy. The strategy is devised in such a way that it reflects the brand’s perception and equity to the fullest.



At this stage, we use all our relevant tools and apparatus to design a perfect brand outline. Necessary brand accessories are created, keeping synergy alive.



We comprehend the effect of the branding strategy implemented to welcome necessary benefits.